ResinBonded Pro

Resin bonded gravel offers a decorative finish and can transform tired concrete or tarmac surfaces.

ResinBonded PRO is a polyurethane based resin product designed specifically for resin bonded aggregate surfacing. Each 20kg kit will cover approximately a 10m2 area. Each resin kit requires 4 bags of 1-3mm stone.

ResinBonded PRO will give your customer a low cost, anti slip surface which is quick and easy to install. It is used primarily for foot paths and patios due to its anti-slip properties. It is however a non porous paving solution.

Take a look at our aggregates page to see our full range of gravel.

Advantages of ResinBonded PRO for resin bonded aggregates:

  • 2 part polyurethane resin kit
  • Specialist resin surfacing suppliers
  • Coverage of 10m2 per kit at 3mm depth
  • Made in the UK
  • Quality resin
  • 20kg kit
  • Suitable for light-foot traffic, paths, patios, decorative surfaces

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