ResinBound UVR Pro

Riverside Resin are leaders and pioneers in quality driveway resin supplies. Our BBA approved ResinBound UVR stable resin being the professionals number one choice. It is a fantastic adhesive and is UV stable, ensuring your driveway looks better for longer.

ResinBound UVR Pro is specially formulated for the use of resin bound driveways and resin paving. Our resin is the most refined in the industry. It is one of the strongest and flexible available on the market. Mix with any colour resin bound mix to create a SuDs compliant, permeable surface.

Our top selling kits range from 7.5kg to 6.5kg, ensuring greater coverage of the aggregates. It therefore increased bonding properties. This impacts aggregates that have a low density such as resin bound mixes that contain our silver colours, by giving them greater tensile strength.

If you use ResinBound UVR PRO with our VA5 catalyst, you can control the setting time of your stone mixture. This makes it perfect for use during the colder months. Its flexibility allows up to 200m2 to be laid seamlessly giving your customer a solid surface with the durability needed to last the test of time.

Advantages of ResinBonded PRO for resin bonded aggregates:

  • The professionals choice of resin
  • Full test results available for Resinbound UVR Pro with every single colour mix from Riverside Resin
  • Available in different kit sizes to suit your needs: 7.5kg, 7kg and 6.5kg
  • Manually control trowel time
  • Highly flexible, superior longevity, stable, durable, elastic
  • Odourless mixture
  • Can be used from 5-28 degrees dependant on the conditions
  • SuDS compliant
  • Install with peace of mind
  • Made in the UK
  • Easy to use 2 part polyurethane resin kit
  • UV colour stable – this resin will not fade in colour
  • Solvent free polyurethane
  • Manufactured to rigorous standards using premier, A-grade materials from a quality supply chain
  • ISO 9001 environment for the highest quality manufacturing standards and peace of mind
  • User friendly and ensures ease of cleaning your tools
  • Suitable for driveways, paths, patios, decorative surfaces
  • Lay a wider range of colours
  • Approved for BBA installations
  • Lifetime colour lock guarantee

We offer excellent advice and support to help you get the most out of our materials. If you need any more information, please get in touch.

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